Platinum is distinct from all other metals. For a woman, platinum represents the pure expression of love shared. It is precious, pure, rare, and eternal. For a man, platinum is a magnificent, powerful, and resilient mineral that distinguishes the man wearing it from those that do not. All are qualities that make this metal unique. Currently valued much more than palladium or gold, platinum has a long and treasured history, going as far back as to the 18th century when King Louis XV of France declared platinum to be the only metal fit for a king.

Platinum's resistance to wear and tarnish makes it well suited for the finest of jewelry. The distinct, natural white tone is incomparable, and a soft patina paints the piece with an antique hue as time passes. This hypoallergenic metal will not react to the body's natural chemicals, so it never changes color. Due to its durability, your platinum jewelry can also be an heirloom, passed down from generation to generation to remain in your family forever.

Platinum is the superior option when purchasing an engagement or wedding ring due to the metal's strength. You can be assured that your diamonds and precious stones will be held securely in place for a long time. Its subtle luster enhances a stone's appearance rather than overshadowing its natural beauty. Pay the ultimate compliment to your diamonds and stones by surrounding them with platinum.

While shopping for your bridal jewelry, try comparing a platinum ring to rings made from the other metals on the market today. Hold a ring made from gold or palladium (and even tungsten or titanium) in one hand, and a platinum ring in the other. Feel the quality of each. Observe each metal's weightiness and study their textures. If you are concerned with overall durability, consider that platinum will hold its color and unlike most other metals, it maintains its weight, so complete restoration is almost always possible. When platinum is scratched, the metal is merely displaced, and can be moved back into place with refinishing.

Platinum has a place in the mind of the educated consumer that appreciates the value of longevity. Whether you are searching for the perfect engagement ring, or you want your man's wedding band to hold up to the rigors of everyday life, platinum makes sense. What costs a little more today will come to represent an everlasting snapshot of your commitment and love. Long after the 'big day' is over, your platinum jewelry will be the one thing that will continue to last your lifetime. Even beyond.

Platinum - no other precious metal offers the same level of excellence.

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