If you want a practical piece of jewelry, and one that uses one of the world's most storied metals, gold is the appropriate choice; any time, anywhere. Gold has a vast and historical past. From King Tut to James Bond to Harry Potter, it has had a constant place in worldwide folklore, events, and cultures for thousands of years. Whether you prefer a bright, matted, or hammered texture, gold is versatile enough to wear with casual clothing or classic business fashions. And has long been a popular adornment for formal evening attire. In addition to jewelry, gold metal can be linked with stunning artistic creations, renowned architecture, and has been the driving force of world monetary systems. Gold flakes are even edible! No matter what its form, gold is the metal that is rich in history, boasts countless uses and portrays endless styles.

Gold presents jewelry designers with an array of colors that they can add to their creative palettes. When taken from the ground, gold is yellow - the most natural, warm and sensual color. Its appearance can be changed by alloying other metals to pure 24kt gold, which helps harden the metal as well. White gold is created by alloying pure gold with zinc, nickel and silver. For some individuals, white gold may present an issue of nickel sensitivity or an allergic reaction to the alloy, so slowly more suppliers are beginning to use palladium instead. While a higher-quality white gold alloy mixture may retain its shine and color, most white gold wedding rings should be coated with a very thin layer of rhodium. This allows the more-dull white gold a shine comparable to platinum or palladium; however over time the rhodium wears off. Combining copper with pure gold results in a pink or rose gold statement that expresses a burning romantic fire. Although not as widely used, green colored gold can actually be created by adding even more silver. Wright & Lato can create some of the most stunning gold jewelry by using all three of the basic gold colors (yellow, white, and rose) together to create a beautiful variety of shades.


The purity of gold is measured in karats. 24kt gold is 100% pure, but is rarely used in practical jewelry creation given its soft nature. 18kt gold is 75% pure and 14kt gold has almost 60% gold content. 18kt and 14kt are commonly used in most wedding ring creations. Each has excellent strength and the malleability to form and hold the exquisite shapes and details.

Are you concerned with the impact of mining on the earth's environment? Gold is and always has been recycled. According to the World Gold Council, at least 15% of today's gold consumption is from recycled gold. Gold is rarely thrown away, and there's a very good chance that part of your gold wedding ring has previously used metals.

Gold is rich and it is practical. Gold is art and it is a statement. Celebrate the glory of gold and let its beauty express your style.

Gold. The right choice for you.

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